The February Revolution
Strikes and protests erupt on women's day in Petrograd and develop into a mass movement involving hundreds of thousands of workers; within 5 days the workers win over the army and bring down the hated and seemingly omnipotent Tsarist Monarchy.
The July Days
Spontaneous, armed demonstrations against the Provisional Government erupt in Petrograd. The workers and soldiers are suppressed by force, introducing a period of reaction and making the peaceful development of the revolution impossible.
The Kornilov Counter-Revolution
General Kornilov attempts to move troops into Petrograd, with the aim of seizing power and crushing the revolution. The coup is defeated by the masses, with the Bolsheviks playing a leading organizational and political role in Petrograd.
The October Revolution
The Provisional Government is overthrown. State power passes to the Soviets on the morning of 26th October, after the Bolsheviks’ Military Revolutionary Committee seize the city and the cabinet surrenders.